Sliver Header - Demonstration

The Sliver Header is used to provide a common link back to the main State of Iowa website for public facing websites. The Sliver Header is only to be used by State of Iowa agency websites.

This page is for demonstrating the Sliver Header. The sliver has been added at the top of this page.

Implementation Instructions

These instructions are for the implementation of the Sliver Header.

Please perform the following step(s) to implement the Sliver Header on your website.

Step One

Insert the following code into the <head> of all public facing view documents. If a site template is used, this code would go into the template:

<script type="text/javascript" src="//" defer async></script>

Save and preview.

If you run into trouble, please submit a Service Desk request at
Use the "State Employee Service Desk" menu link in the upper right to login or use the phone numbers provided to call.